Some of the most satisfying projects are those that start with a very old kitchen. Often, the rest of the house will slowly be upgraded over time; new paint, new windows and doors, new flooring, addition of recessed lighting, etc. Small projects that will generally allow life to go on while the project is underway or at least the “down time” is limited. When it comes to a kitchen remodel, life as you know it will need to stop for at least a few days and when it is a complete remodel, that can become several weeks. And then… life does not return as you know it! It is suddenly much improved, just like it was for the home owners of this particular project.

This project started out with a kitchen that came with the house when it was first built in 1938. The home owners did an extensive remodel and, as one may expect, came across some projects along the way. However, the finished kitchen is certainly worth the few week of microwave meals! Take a look at the gallery below.

Credit Images: Douglas Moore – Moore Media