Binnenhof Construction does not only install kitchens in single family residences. Apartment buildings, new and old, are often among the projects we complete. In December 2016, we completed the installation of 4 kitchens in a 4-unit apartment complex. Though often Binnenhof Construction will act as the General Contractor handling all facets of a remodel, this particular project was managed by a third-party contractor. Clear and good communication with third parties is key. Work often overlaps or can not be done until other parts of a complete remodel project have been completed.

kitchen-drawing-top-viewFirst, the customer and one of our planners will come together to measure, design and plan the kitchen. Generally the customer already has a good idea of the type of kitchen is desired and what the budget is. Our planners will then work to maximize the space with in the parameters set by the customer.

Ikea kitchen drawing 3DOnce the design has been finalized with the customer, our planners will add the design in the Ikea kitchen planner and create multiple 2D and 3D drawings to demonstrate the final design. This will allow the customer to sign off on the design and the estimate. Once the design has been completed and the estimate is agreed on, we will agree on the installation dates. Depending on availability of materials and time of year, as well as the customer’s schedule, the install is generally completed within a few weeks.

img_3148The Westside apartments project consisted of 4 kitchens with 2 unique layouts. The customer wanted to create kitchens for the tenants that included appliances. Due to space constraints the customer chose to use narrow, 18 inch appliances.


Once our installers arrived at the job, the first task was to do an inventory of all the materials that were delivered.

All the materials were separated by unit and inspected for damages. This is a very important first step of the project since incomplete deliveries or damages can delay an installation causing schedule conflicts for the customer, but also for the installer and third parties who are also working at the same job site.

img_3153Once the inventory was completed, one of the installers started laying out the design on the walls and double-check the measurements against plan. Another installer started assembling the cabinets to be installed.

Then, once the cabinets were hung, scribe and molding was added, hinges were installed, counter top was measured and cut to size and appliances were dry fit into place. The project was delivered without delay and with another 5-star satisfaction rating by the customer.

Thank you for choosing Binnenhof Construction to install the kitchens in your apartment building!