In February 2015, Ikea replaced the Akurum kitchen system with a new system called Sektion.

But because Ikea had the Akurum system around for 20 years, lots of people have Akurum kitchens. Unfortunately, because their doors and parts are no longer available in stores, you are out of luck if you want to freshen your look with something new. The Sektion doors do not fit the older Akurum cabinets because the dimensions differ between the two systems.

But rather than tearing out your entire Akurum kitchen and replacing it with the new system, Binnenhof Construction recommends taking a look at Semihandmade.  Semihandmade can update the doors on your entire kitchen and offer over fifty alternatives on their Materials page. Check with Semihandmade to see whether your kitchen qualifies; Ikea upgraded its drawers and hinges about seven years ago, and that’s the hardware system Semihandmade is set up to drill.

I’m ready to design my kitchen!

For either a new or old kitchen, your best bet is to use Ikea’s free planning tool. Despite the fact that the software is made for Sektion, the dimensions are close enough to the older system that we can still get you a price on replacement Akurum doors. SketchUp also works, or you can use one of Binnenhof’s designers to do an in-home kitchen plan; a 4-hour process that will leave you with an estimate of the installation costs and the cost of the Ikea materials (when buying a new Sektion system). If you want to use Semihandmade’s door panels, Binnenhof can help you to get your plans submitted for a proposal, or you can contact them directly using the plans Binnenhof prepared for you. If you use Binnenhof for the installation, we will gladly credit the cost of the 4-hour Kitchen Planning!